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Empower young minds to realize their full potential and uncover their passions through a transformative educational journey, shaping them into the future leaders of our world.

About Us

Raphael DJINE, Business and Life intervention Coach in the United States, certified John C Maxwell, Judoka, 03 times gold medalist at the US Open is the promoter of more than ten companies with a turnover of more than 250 million dollars in the USA. Expert in fundraising, he is the Founder of ILEAD Global Youth and in this exclusive interview, we asked him to share his biggest secrets to succeed as a Coach, Trainer, Speaker and entrepreneur!

Our programs

I am Unstoppable

The “I am unstoppable” program is a program for young people like you, developed to equip you, give you the critical and essential elements necessary to move forward in your life with confidence, courage and above all having good character.

young leader

While you will follow these sessions for your own development, you also have the opportunity to become a young leader who can use the materials from this course to impact the lives of other young people like you through exchange groups.

discover your personality

Starting today, discover how to identify your personality, understand your temperament, discover your strengths, your areas for improvement and rely on them to succeed while being fulfilled and balanced..


Exclusive Interview with successful businessman, Master Coach Raphael DJINE (Value: €2,000 – OFFERED WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”)

Youth Finance

Youth Finance: The secrets to building the foundations of a financially prosperous life (Value: €1000 – – OFFERED WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”).

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: The secrets to developing your Emotional intelligence, a guarantee of success for any leader (Value: €1000 – – OFFERED WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”)

Special Training

Special “Super Speaker” Training (Value: €1000 – – OFFERED WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”).

The entrepreneurial spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit: The keys to awakening the Problem Solver that lies dormant in you. (Value: €1000 – – OFFERED WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”)

90-Minute Impact Coaching

6 90-Minute Impact Coachings with ILEAD Global Youth (Value: €3,500 – – FREE WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”)

LIFETIME access to the Telegram Community

LIFETIME access to the Exclusive Telegram Community of UNSTOPPABLE YOUNG LEADERS! (Value: €500 – OFFERED WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”)

Direct Mentoring

36 Direct Mentoring Calls of 30 min/week with your child! (Value: €1000 – OFFERED WITH “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”)

Join A Global Community of Young Innovators and Changemakers with iLEAD Global Youth