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If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect life, iLEAD Global is for you.

You’ll discover how our leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development programs are designed to help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted – and deserve.

Welcome to the dynamic world of iLead Global where leadership comes alive and transformational opportunities are endless. Founded by master coach Raphael DJINE, we are a community of passionate individuals who believe in the tremendous potential within you to inspire, guide, and shape destinies. At iLead Global, we believe that leadership transcends borders and inspires global innovation. We are more than just a company; we are architects of future success.
Whether you are a professional aspiring to develop your leadership skills, personal development, entrepreneurship, or a coach seeking to transcend your abilities, we are here to guide you at every step of the journey. This is accomplished through cutting-edge training and high-quality resources tailored to the needs of each learner, along with a team of passionate coaches.

Master coach Raphaël Djine


Founder of Ilead Global, Successful Real Estate and Transportation Businessman, Pastor and Certified Coach John C Maxwell

Born and raised in Cameroon under extremely difficult and precarious conditions by very poor parents, master coach Raphaël Djiné was almost forced to leave school at a very young age, not even reaching 15 years old. The young teenager went on to do several odd jobs before fortuitously joining the national judo team of Cameroon as a way to keep himself occupied and avoid falling into idleness. A hard worker, he became part of the Cameroonian national team during an expedition to the United States, where he decided to take control of his life by venturing into various businesses, including transportation. But it was his encounter with American pastor, speaker, and coach John C. Maxwell that truly sparked a transformation in his life. In his early twenties, he discovered the secrets of intentional living. With intentionality, he developed personally and professionally, overcoming all obstacles with brilliance, defying his limits, and breaking down all barriers in his path. Through various training programs, he managed to turn all his weaknesses into opportunities. As an indefatigable worker and exceptional competitor, he succeeded in building an empire that today speaks volumes about the man he is (iLead Global). This native of Bafang, a very popular village located in the western region of Cameroon, was even recognized and rewarded by Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, as one of the largest job providers in Uncle Sam’s country. As an active member of the powerful American business community, the master coach has returned and aspires to use his expertise, experience, and immense love for humanity to contribute to real and significant development on the continent. Having arrived in the United States before he was even 20 years old, the master coach has managed to rebuild himself in 25 years. The color of his skin, his Cameroonian accent, and the extreme poverty of his family did not stop him from becoming almost an idol for an entire generation. His life is a lesson, his journey a source of inspiration, and his success a motivation. Yes, the master coach has made almost everything seem easy; going from extreme poverty to extraordinary wealth, he has almost shattered the barriers of impossibility, proving along the way and with evidence that every human being can become what they want through intentional and disciplined work. While it all started with American pastor John C. Maxwell, it was his encounter with motivator, speaker, and coach Tony Robbins that gave meaning to his rich life. Bob Proctor and Myes Monroy helped establish his reputation. Ultimately, as he often likes to say, life is only what we believe it to be. If you want to redefine the trajectory of your life like him, make the commitment to become part of the iLead Global community now.

Our approach

We don’t just focus on the surface; we dive deep into understanding your unique challenges and opportunities. Our approach is comprehensive, addressing every aspect of leadership development.

Our perspective

In a world that’s more interconnected than ever, we bring a global mindset to everything we do. Our strategies are designed to transcend borders and cultures, ensuring your leadership is universally effective.

Innovation at core in iLead Global

Innovation is the heartbeat of progress. We infuse creativity into our strategies, ensuring that you’re not just keeping up with the times but staying ahead of them.

Our philosophy of leadership

Leadership is not just about results; it’s about the people who drive those results. Our people-first philosophy ensures that your leadership journey is not only successful but also fulfilling.

Our locations

We work out of four different locations where we have offices with the flexibility of a remote company.

USA, Texas Dallas

Our main HQ, were it all started here is where we handle operations and team members come and use the space as they see fit.


A space for local (and nearby) team. Where our partners gather to brainstorm.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Another space for local and nearby team members to use. And area where we are doing massive investment in real estate.


Where we have two Training Centers and also a Call Center for most of our business development, but also available for team members to work out of.

We are our values

At iLead Global, we thrive on innovation, growth, and excellent leadership. Our values focus on diversity, customer success, and collaborative teamwork, driving us to navigate change with agility. Committed to social responsibility, we strive to make a positive impact on the world as we shape a future where leadership knows no bounds.


Committed to our partners

Your growth is our growth. We focus on long-term relationships.

Culture first

Treating each other well and a good work environment goes a long way.


Everyone on our team steps up to the plate and is here to help.

Be transparent

Work in full trasparency, bring up issues and work together to solve them.

Never stop learning

Always growing, always learning, always improving.


We all work towards our common and personal goals.

Leadership Team

Coach Guy Bertrand

Co-Founder & CO

Born in Cameroon, a country in central Africa, Guy Bertrand immigrated to Ireland in 2001 to continue his studies. Ambitious educator, builder of professional networks, He speaks French and English fluently. Passionate about the social integration of minority communities, he worked as a volunteer at the NASC (Irish immigration and integration Centre) then as a computer science teacher in the same center.

In 2004 he worked on the national radio station “RTE Radio One” as presenter of the program “Different voices”. After obtaining his postgraduate diploma in education and then a master’s degree in multimedia technology at the University of Cork, he began teaching computer science and mathematics in the same institution which became Cork FET since 2006. He has 17 years of experience teaching mathematics and various computer science subjects. He is Co-founder of iLEAD Global and since 2021, has worked alongside master coach Raphael Djine in search of opportunities to create jobs and develop communities in Africa, USA, Europe and Latin America. His vision aligns with that of iLEAD Global which is to add value to people and have a positive impact on the lives of 2 billion people in Africa and around the world in the next 20 years because for him , Life becomes truly meaningful when we choose to devote some of our time, energy and love to improving the well-being of those around us. By adding value to the lives of others, we create deeper connections, build stronger communities, and contribute to a better world. Whether through small acts of kindness, encouraging words, or selfless actions, every positive contribution we make creates a ripple effect that can touch hearts and minds in unexpected ways. Integrity, respect, transparency and humility are among its fundamental values.

Coach Jean Claude Mubenga

Co-Founder & Director of Communication

Coach Uday Jadhav

Chief Executive Ilead Global Foundation

Our mission is to empower you to fulfill your life’s purpose. We achieve this by providing coaching and training in leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development, transcending geographical boundaries through the transformative power of technology.

''Obstacle is the way''