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About iLead Global Exchange

We are delighted to welcome you to the iLead Global Exchange, a platform dedicated to all those who aspire to broaden their horizons by studying and working abroad. With us, every dream of an international career comes to life, and every study path becomes an exciting adventure.

At iLead Global Exchange, we understand that the world is your educational and professional playground. Whether you are a student eager to discover new cultures, a professional looking to gain international experience, or a global talent seeker, our platform is designed to meet your aspirations.

Prepare to experience an educational and professional adventure like no other, connect with brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds, and build an international future that reflects your aspirations.
Educational Opportunity

We offer a multitude of educational opportunities, from exchange programs to studying abroad, to enable you to acquire valuable skills while exploring new horizons. Our partnerships with renowned academic institutions worldwide open the door to enriching educational experiences

Professional Opportunity

The professional aspect of iLead Global Exchange connects you with international career opportunities. Whether it’s an internship, work experience abroad, or a career transition, we are here to support you throughout your journey.

- Our destinations -

Explore the world with destinations of your choice, your passport to new horizons. Let us guide you on your journey to a better life.

Study at the University of Brussels

Admission to Vancouver University

Need for civil engineer in Cyprus

Studied in French higher schools

- Our Target Destinations -

Explore our list of target destinations for your next adventure. Discover unique places, fascinating cultures and exciting opportunities that await you.

United States of America (USA)

Come to the USA, the land of freedom, opportunity and diversity. You will find your place, your dream and your happiness there.


Join Canada, the land of peace, nature and tolerance. You will discover a rich culture, a varied climate and an exceptional quality of life.

United Kingdom (UK)

Go to the United Kingdom, the country of history, culture and innovation. You will appreciate its heritage, its diversity and its dynamism.


Explore Africa, the continent of beauty, wealth and diversity. There you will experience unforgettable adventures, encounters and discoveries.

European Union countries

Choose Europe ,the continent of art ,science and democracy.You will benefit from its culture,its solidarity and its freedom.

-Our support PACKAGES -

We offer you the following packages, choose the one that suits you

Basic Package


  • Clients will be oriented via a Zoom session 
  • The client will receive information on the general university admission requirements in the country he or she has chosen.           
  • The client will carry out the registration and accommodation procedure themselves using the instructions given on Zoom

PRO Package


  • Clients will be oriented by 2 (two) sessions on Zoom
  • The choice of university
  • Translation of diplomas   
  • Visa application  
  • Orientation on housing (providing contacts of agencies, real estate agencies(…)

Premium Package


Guidance will be provided to clients over 5 sessions on ZOOM See PRO PACK Help the student put together evidence for a deposit (reference letter, bank accounts Helping clients repay their student loans.

Ultimate Package


Guidance will be provided to clients over 5 sessions on ZOOM Advice on career plans for the best countries to work according to their profiles and experience Support in writing CVs and cover letters Helping clients search for work.

- What our Customers say -

They believed in us why not you?

Mballa Edward

Construction engineer

“I am very happy to have used the services of ILEADGLOBAL EXCHANGE to obtain my work visa for Germany. They were very professional, fast and efficient. They followed my file from A to Z and advised me at each stage. Thanks to them, I was able to realize my dream of working in a country that offers many opportunities. I highly recommend ILEADGLOBAL EXCHANGE to anyone who wants to work in Germany. Thank you ILEADGLOBAL EXCHANGE!”

Ngawouo Laeticia

Ngawuo Laeticia Student at Paris Saclay

“I am very grateful to ILEADGLOBAL EXCHANGE for helping me obtain my student visa for Canada. They were very attentive, responsive and competent. They took care of all the administrative procedures and supported me throughout the process. Thanks to them, I was able to join a prestigious Canadian university and continue my medical studies. I would never have been able to carry out this project without their support. I highly recommend ILEADGLOBAL EXCHANGE to anyone who wants to study in Canada. Thank you ILEADGLOBAL EXCHANGE!”