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 iLead Global Business School 365, a handpicked team of coaches with advanced experiences on growth and business scaling.

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Key Outlines for the School of Business 365

Learn the step-by-step process of launching your own venture, from ideation to execution.

Understand the power of intentionality and how it shapes every aspect of your entrepreneurial journey.

Explore the importance of building a strong network and surrounding yourself with the right mentors and advisors.

Master the art of persuasion and influence to drive sales and grow your customer base.

Discover different approaches to product development and innovation to meet market demands effectively.

Gain insights into pricing strategies and techniques to maximize profitability while staying competitive.

Delve into the psychological factors that influence consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.

Learn the value of accountability and collaboration in achieving business goals and fostering growth.

About iLead Global Institute

At iLead Global Institute, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide coaching and training in leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development, breaking geographical barriers using cutting-edge technology.

Our institute blends theoretical training with hands-on practical experiences, giving students a distinct edge in the job market. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, cognitive flexibility, and emotional intelligence to prepare individuals for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Why Choose iLead Global School of Business 365?

Our curriculum blends global business perspectives with local expertise, ensuring you’re prepared for the international business stage while understanding regional nuances.

Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios through internships, industry partnerships, and engaging case studies. We bridge theory and practice, preparing you for the challenges of the dynamic business landscape.

Learn from accomplished faculty members with extensive industry experience. Benefit from their insights, mentorship, and dedication to providing a top-tier education.

Experience state-of-the-art learning environments, including modern classrooms, dedicated study spaces, and the latest technology that enhances your educational journey.

This exceptional offer provides unbeatable value and immediate access to our resources.
We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique.
You can choose below a single payment or the flexibility of monthly payments, making it easier to invest in your business education.


Single Payment : Pay $1500 excluding VAT once for 365 days of access to training for one year.

Monthly Payment Plans: Choose to pay $200 per month for 8 months in flexible payments.

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Join our community of aspiring entrepreneurs and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success. Enroll today to enroll in the Business School 365 Programme and unlock your full potential in the world of business.

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Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony takes place every year in DALLAS, These are an opportunity to meet new people and enrich your address book