...adding value to others

R aphael Djine is a pastor, missionary, and entrepreneur who ministers the Gospel, planting churches, helping build community leaders, and teaching business success with Biblical principles to bring growth and opportunity to individuals and communities around the world. Being originally from Cameroon, Raphael is fluent in French as well as English (he is also fluent in two other languages); and in 2000, he began pastoring the French Connection, a group established under the All Nation Church to reach out to the local French community. Then, for about seven months, he went on a mission to Africa, including his native Cameroon. When he returned, he planted a second church of Christian Missionary Fellowship International in Desoto, TX – and became its Senior Pastor. Among his investments in projects that create jobs and grow communities, he also has a real estate management company, Master Property Management, which operates in Africa and the U.S., purchasing and then building affordable houses as well as serving as a private money lender for real estate projects, from single-family to commercial properties, small and large. In addition to transportation and real estate, Raphael invests in a variety of fields, including fast food stores. Raphael is married with 5 children, and he continues to invest in various fields, always looking for opportunities to create jobs and grow communities.

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