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If you own a business of you are building one.

Then this meeting of entrepreneurs is for you.

Hello business man and woman,

Do you know that most business deteriorate due to stress and burnout?

The worst part is, most entrepreneurs don’t even know when this is happening until the damage is done.

Join us as we learn some very effective strategies to deal with stress and avoid the negative effect of burnout.

In the Upcoming meeting of business owners like you.

Join the business community,

Connect and learn with other business mind from around the world.

Do not miss out.

THEME: Stress And Burnout In Entrepreneurship

Key Topics:

  • How does burnout damage a business
  • The hidden effect of stress on entrepreneurs
  • Effective plan to combat stress
  • How to get more while stressing less

Do Not Miss Out on The Upcoming Entrepreneurs MeetUp

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This Zoom Event is reserved for 100 participants only


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Event Date [25th of Febuary 2023]

Time [2pm]

Engage in dynamic discussions and Ask your questions to experts

Share your ideas, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Connect With Business People From Around The Globe

Meet The Guest Speaker

Mrs Linda Turner

Featured Coach

Meet Mrs. Linda Turner, visionary founder of The Linda Hope Initiative. A thriving entrepreneur, she ventures into education, high-end fashion, interior remodeling, and hospitality. 

Inspired by her hardworking mother, Linda believes in extending a helping hand to the less privileged. Having personally experienced domestic violence, she passionately dedicates herself to victim rescue, rehabilitation, awareness for attitudinal change, and advocates for laws combating gender-based violence. 

Linda Turner embodies resilience, compassion, and a commitment to making a positive impact on lives through her multifaceted initiatives.

Meet The Speakers


Business & Life Intervention Coach – Founder of iLead Global Organisation

Raphael Djine – a recipient of The Presidential Life Time Achievement Award from president Barack Obama (Former U.S Pressident),

an American of African descent, Based in Dallas Texas. He is the CEO of iLead Global and a successful business tycoon.

Master Coach Raphael is a living example of the teachings of great influential leaders, including; John C. Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Myles Monroe.

Amidst acquiring wealth, he remembered his roots and took up the mission to share these same principles and teachings with every youth/adult with the desire to become great and help others explore their maximum potential.

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iLead Global Entrepreneurs Meetup is set to connect, build and critically analyze the minds of growing entrepreneurs’ to give them the tools specific to their challenges and help them succeed in their endeavors.

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